About Tracy 

When the oncologist said "you will have chemotherapy until you can't and then you will die," my first reaction was "ain't nobody got time for that." I had a family to support, a son to raise and a life to live. That was 2 years ago. That day, everything in my life changed. Diagnosis? Incurable cancer - recurrent cervical cancer to be exact. Never one to back down from a challenge, I devoted whatever time I had left to healing my cancer through every means possible, both conventional and complementary. Badasscancerbabe was born. 

Having defied medical expectations with a complete overhaul of my body, mind and spirit, I catapulted this healing journey into the badasscancerbabe platform to help others. With this blog, I share a treasure trove of integrated natural and traditional remedies I discovered through my research, experiments and adventures.

I am a master manifestor, wellness warrior, inspirational speaker, writer and healer. After spending 20 years as a successful magazine and online advertising executive, I have rededicated my life to helping cancer patients find hope, and stressed-out, workaholic parents manifest more wellness and joy in their lives.

I still have cancer, but am thriving as a human on a soulful mission. I live in Valley Cottage, NY with my husband and 10 y.o. son. When I'm not being a badass, I love to cook, knit, read, hike, ride my bike and play with my family. 


There’s always a silver lining.
— Tracy