Embracing the Decadence of Self Care

omega institute

"Find something that fills your cup and fill it" ~ Omega Tribeswoman

Okay. So here’s the deal: I told another mom I was coming to Omega Institute for a weekend workshop:

  • 2 1/2 days away from my family 
  •  6 meals someone will prepare for me
  • 0 beds I have to make, clothes I have to pick up, loads of laundry I have to do
  • 0 complaints about the food I make
  • 0 whines about the chores/homework that needs to be done
  • 0 fights about video games, movies or what we’re going to do
  • 44 hours of unadulterated me-time
  • 11 hours of workshopping with a tribe of “women writing to save the world”
  • Random hours of connecting, yoga, meditation, hikes, naps

My friend’s response was, “cool, how decadent” with an eyebrow raise. No judgement, no guilt, just a bit of mischief? Surprise maybe?

But the reality is this time is essential for my sanity. ESSENTIAL! 

Once I thought it was decadent. A luxury. Now I understand there is nothing decadent about self-care. I believe one of the reasons I got cancer was because I never allowed myself to think about what I needed to replenish my soul. 

I need space. I need air. I need time to reflect. I just do. 

I needed it when I had a 60-hour a week career. I need is just as much now that my career is simply staying alive. 

Here’s the catch - we all need it. I’m just willing to admit it and be bossy insist on in. 

Be honest. Did you get a little jealous when you read I was on retreat AGAIN? Did anyone get a little judgy? 

It’s okay I can take it. I would have too 3 years ago. Then I almost died because I was too busy being resentful and judgy of the people who took care of themselves. 

Maybe a couple days in the crunchy Catskills in a dorm where you bring your own sheets and share a bathroom isn’t your thing, but I know - like I know the sun will come up tomorrow- that something is your thing. 

If you thought, “god, that freedom sounds amazing” when you read my list above then you need to figure out what your thing is. Then plan it and do it.

  • Weekly horseback riding lessons? 
  • Singing in the local production of Chorus Line?
  • A weekend on the beach with your girlfriend flirting with boys and pretending you’re the same age as they are? 

A thing that will make you a better mom, boss, wife, friend, daughter because you’re not resentful for all the demands put on you by your kids, team, spouse, friends, parents. 

“All pain and suffering divine from expectation” ~ Omega Tribeswoman

Self care is not a luxury - or decadent - it’s essential to your well being. Make it happen before you end up having to learn it the hard way like I did. 

In light and love,