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Learning to Lean on Others in a Cancer Journey: Guest Blog Radical Remission Project

“When I was sick with incurable cancer, the hardest part of healing was learning to lean on others. Suddenly, the skill that got me into and through college, helped me create a life in New York City and build a successful career — fierce independence — was useless in my cancer journey. Good-natured people wanted to help but didn’t know how, nor did I know what to ask for.” 

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Why Kundalini Yoga is my new favorite Thing

Sometimes the universe tries to give us messages but we're not ready to receive them. So it was for me and Kundalini yoga. During my cancer recovery I tried Kundalini several times. I thought it was just too weird for me. Now in cancer remission and much further on my spiritual journey, I’m ready to release emotions. I tried Kundalini again and am finally ready to receive the deep healing the universe is offering through the yoga.

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