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Why I had to Face my Buried Emotions to Heal my Cancer

When I was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer in Feb 2016, I was prepared to do things: change my diet, exercise, find alternative health treatments like acupuncture. What I didn't expect was I would have to face all the emotional demons in my very large closet of repressed emotions in order to heal.

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Learning to Lean on Others in a Cancer Journey: Guest Blog Radical Remission Project

“When I was sick with incurable cancer, the hardest part of healing was learning to lean on others. Suddenly, the skill that got me into and through college, helped me create a life in New York City and build a successful career — fierce independence — was useless in my cancer journey. Good-natured people wanted to help but didn’t know how, nor did I know what to ask for.” 

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Summer Reading for Cancer Thrivers

It’s a bit late in the summer to be starting a summer reading list, but cancer doesn't take the summer off so I thought it was still worth the time to give a little reading material to anyone battling cancer, or people that love someone battling cancer. So while you're at the pool or beach, grab one of these five books to take some control back of your healing.

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