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Summer Reading for Cancer Thrivers

It’s a bit late in the summer to be starting a summer reading list, but cancer doesn't take the summer off so I thought it was still worth the time to give a little reading material to anyone battling cancer, or people that love someone battling cancer. So while you're at the pool or beach, grab one of these five books to take some control back of your healing.

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Why I Don't Ask for Me Time, I Take It.

Me going to the Botanical Garden on this day is non-negotiable. If I don't take this me time I'm going to be a much meaner, less grounded person, but if I ask permission I'll never get it.

Every mother needs some time off. Our sanity as mothers in this crazy, unrelenting, suffocating world is to insist on something that gives us air. I call it "putting on our oxygen mask first."

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