In a cancer journey and in life, there are times we just need a little help to reach our goals. I became a healing coach to help you take back control of your health journey and your life.


Coaching is a partnership that inspires you to maximize your health. Coaching can assist you in deepening your self-knowledge and enhancing your health and quality of life. Coaching may address specific health concerns, personal projects or general conditions in the client’s life.

My role as coach is to listen to you at a deep level and support you in sorting out your options, exploring new possibilities, and looking within yourself at your mind/body/spirit level for answers. Your role as client is to be open to exploring the topics you decide to focus on, consider possible goals and take healthy and positive action on your plans.


  • Find Your Motivation      

  • Create Small Manageable Steps

  • Develop A Plan for Healing

  • Increase Understanding of Mind, Body, Spirit Connection  

  • Identify Strengths & Challenges         

  • Increase Your Accountability   

  • Support and Encouragement

  • Achieve Your Health & Life Goals

Coaching Packages

1x package

# of sessions: 1

Cost $111

Included in session:

  • 60 minute 1:1 coaching

  • Follow-up with next steps and resources (within 24 hours)

4x package

# of sessions: 4

Cost $399 ($50 Savings)

Included in package:

  • Everything in 1x package, plus

  • Worksheet: Self-care checklist

  • Worksheet: 9 factors cheatsheet

  • Worksheet: Free things to support cancer care

  • Copy of Radical Remission paperback

10x package

# of sessions:10

Cost $999 ($111 Savings)

Included in session:

  • Everything in 4x package, plus

  • Worksheet: 12-month cancer care action plan

  • Workbook: Ideas to reboot your cancer care

  • Unlimited email support

  • 2-4 monthly phone questions a month, as needed